Huddersfield Golf Club

Alex Keighley - PGA Professional
Huddersfield Golf Club

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  • Two practice areas for long and short shots
  • Chipping and Pitching area
  • Bunker area
  • Putting green
  • Flightscope
  • Indoor Teaching studio

Practice range

The outdoor practice area is a substantial area that is split into two sections. The bottom area is 130 yards long with flagged targets at different distances.

The hitting area is both mats and grass. The grass area is maintained to a fairway standard which gives you true feedback on your practice and ball flight.

On the left side of the lower practice ground is a bunker area which is used for greenside practice and fairway bunker shot practice.

The top section is for the big hitters!!!! The range is 300yards long with targets to aim at. The hitting area is again mats or grass and is kept to the same standard as the lower practice area.

During the months of March to November we have a chipping and pitching area with a large greenside bunker. The green is kept to the course standard so is an excellent place to practice chip and runs and pitching, which will replicate conditions you will find on the course. There is a teeing area 120yards away so can be used as a par 3 for beginners to get a feel of course conditions before attempting the large course.

The putting green is situated at the front of the club house. You can sharpen up your game or practice your putting before going out to play. The green is treated the same as the 18 greens on the course and is to USGA Standard. This ensuring you are playing on true greens for 12 months of the year. It has 9 holes with some interesting breaks to test any golfer.

Indoor studio

The indoor studio is the perfect way to learn and improve your game away from the elements in a warm environment. We can capture the swing with the latest CSWING technology watch it back on our 42" flat screen TV and copy to a DVD for future reference followed by instruction from PGA Qualified professionals to revolutionise your golf swing.

We have the EXPLANAR with medium and long rollers for all types of shots, it’s the ideal way to improve the plane of your swing and strengthen core muscles.

The studio also has one of the few indoor putting greens, it has two holes with mirrors and zen putting with alignment and set up aids.

Training in the indoor studio is an excellent way for young, new and experienced golfers to learn the game. The studio is situated in the old coach house. We have maintained the old features of the room but added a top class teaching facility. It is a non-intimidating environment where the emphasis is placed on learning good fundamentals as opposed to focusing too much on ball flight. Knowledge of the golf swing along with good basics such as the grip, alignment, stance and posture will produce good shots on the golf course and improve your golf.

Flightscope lessons


FlightScope is the world’s original, leading technology for 3D ball tracking and sports information systems.

It’ll take you beyond your imagination in achieving exceptional performance in your game.

  • Not sure what shaft you need?
  • Unsure of which type of ball to use?
  • Searching for the perfect loft on your driver?

FlightScope measures how a player hits golf balls, providing information about the player, and the equipment (clubs & balls).


Most golfers swings are either too flat or too upright. Between those two points is your most powerful swing.

And with Explanar that’s what you get. You get your optimum swing plane. When you swing on your optimum swing plane, you will be more accurate and much more powerful. Explanar consists of 4 core components; The multi-adjustable Hoop, the Power Roller™, the Plane Fin™ and the Radial Stance Mat™. When combined they work unlike any other golf training aid. Many golfers have been significantly influenced in understanding the golf swing from Ben Hogan's Fundamentals of Golf.

cSwing analysis

cSwing 2008 is an advanced video swing analysis program for avid golfers and golf professionals. It captures video from your camera to your PC. You can easily analyze your swing with its powerful drawing and comparison tools. Seeing your swing alongside pro swings provides immediate visual feedback that will result in lower scores.

We offer easy-to-use, full-featured software available by download or on CD. We give you a complete suite of tools and pro swings to help you or your students improve. Get started right away by downloading our Free Trial which includes sample swings. Check out our Swing Library that includes more than thirty PGA Tour players including three Major winners.

The swing coaches for Masters and PGA champions use cSwing with their touring pros. cSwing is used by players on the PGA Tour. Read what some of our customers from more than seventy countries say about cSwing in our testimonials page. See how it can help improve your game too!

cSwing is customizable for any sport or activity where analyzing motion and tempo is important. Applications that our customers are using it for include physical therapy, kinesiology, baseball, polo, softball, football, wrestling, bowling and hockey.